Theatre Telakka is located in Tampere, beside the Tullikamari Square Area, on the 3rd floor of Culture House Telakka. The Venue is an atmospheric attic environment. Our venue is in active use of our programme bur the whole floor can be also rented for the use of a different kind of events, festivals and other occasions if time of a rental is enabled according to our essential activities. Technical resources are available during the rental. Presence of our own technical advisor is required. 

Inquirys about venue rental
Heidi Vehmas

Inquirys about technical resources
Perttu Sinervo
+358 50 555 6388

Tablereservations and inquirys for group-bookings to the Restaurant Telakka Tiina Tökkäri,
p. +358 3 225 0722 (mon-fri 11:00 - 18:00)

Restaurant facilities on the 2nd floor of Culture House Telakka (capacity up to 80 persons) is also available and it is a commonly used for assemblies and occasions of celebration.