Theatre Telakka

Theatre Telakka is a professional, independent theatre founded year 1996. It is a small and active theatre with repertoire outside of mainstream. The basis of Theatre Telakka are artistic experiments and unprejudiced searching for  new forms. The theatre’s statement is that there still has to be theatre which provokes discussion and challenges the market economy.

Idea for Theatre Telakka started originally year 1994, when three professional theatre groups were without a stage of their own. The groups started to search for a space together and found an old storehouse and renovated the building.  Today this storehouse is the home of Theatre Telakka and the cultural centre Telakka.

Cultural house Telakka is an attractive and charismatic place with lots of cultural events – theatre, concerts, art exhibitions. With a good restaurant and charming terrace it attracts people not only from Tampere but from all around Finland and also abroad.