Hassan Blasim: The Digital Hats Game

It was a winter's night, one of those nights that have disappeared from our lives. A mouse of the bilious variety decided to put a stop to this life of fear and humiliation and break free from the weakness and impotence to which it was condemned through no fault of its own. The first fateful step was to defy the Lord and go against His teachings, which stipulated that every creature should speak its own language. Our mouse chose to speak in human language, knowing that it would have to bear alone the consequences of such a forbidden step. The next day, early one winter's morning, the family was sitting lazily and in safety around the breakfast table. “Good morning,” said the mouse. Only then did the rules of the fear game change, and the mouse became the size of a dinosaur.

The Digital Hats Game is a play about activists who try to influence the ways of the world. They hack politically; that is their answer to the question tomorrow poses us. When during this period of rise of fascism and nationalism, humanity is in a screw press of violence, making the world better is inevitable and change unavoidable: the activists will wrench the sword off the stone and clothe themselves in a digital armour.

The Digital Hats Game is the first play of Hassan Blasim, who fled 10 years ago from Iraq to Finland. The Digital Hats Game is a co-production between Theatre Telakka (Teatteri Telakka) and Tartu New Theatre (Tartu Uus Teater), and it’s the 20th anniversary play of Theatre Telakka.

Written by Hassan Blasim
Translations by Sampsa Peltonen and Jonathan Wright

Directors Hanno Eskola & Antti Mankonen

On Stage Mart Aas, Henry Hanikka, Jekaterina Novosjolova, Tanjalotta Räikkä, Tomi Salmela, Kaisa Sarkkinen, Lasse Poser
Scenic design Henry Griin
Costume design Tiina Helin
Lighting design Emil Kallas
Sound design Hannu Hauta-aho
Video design Lasse Poser

Age limit: 15 years
Duration: 1 h 30 minutes. No intermission.

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Hassan Blasim

Hassan Blasim is an author and a film director, born in Baghdad in 1973 and now he lives in Finland. He was awarded with the Finland Prize in December 2015. In May 2014 Blasim won the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize with The Iraqi Christ. In 2014 his novel The Corpse Exhibition was selected for one of The Top Ten Books 2014 by Publishers Weekly. Blasim was described by The Guardian as “perhaps the best writer of Arabic fiction alive”. In 2013 Blasim received Tampere City Literature Prize. His books have been translated translated into English, Finnish, Bulgarian, French, German, Polish, Italian, Turkish, Icelandic and Swedish.


The Digital Hats Game