Juha Hurme: The Universe

Kuvat: Kai G. Baer 

The Universe (Maailmankaikkeus) is an unruly performance about basic human rights and staunch defending for the freedom of speech. The Universe is written and directed by Juha Hurme. In a centre of the piece is a Finnish linquist and a philosopher Jaakko Juteini (1781 – 1855). The Universe follows some few dark periods of his life. Juteini faced accusations of heresy and blasphemy of his work in the field of Finnish literature. A whole edition of his book were destroyed using a public bonfire on a centre square of Viipuri. All the blame and judgements finally caused Juteini to came down with a serious depression.

Performance will give unembellished and bare perspectives to judgements against Juteini and his linquistic work. It also contains some very disconcerting material in different kind of forms of contemporary theatre.

The Universe is a third part of a trilogy which helds a name A Plea for the Finnish written and directed by Juha Hurme. It was also the name for first part of the trilogy, which were on stage at Theatre Rakastajat in Pori in autumn 2013. The second part Europaeus is still currently played in Finnish National Theatre in Helsinki. Premiere of The Universe is taking place on 10th of October in Tampere at Theatre Telakka. Finnish National Theatre awarded Juha Hurme with A Eino Kalima price Eino Kalima price of Finnish National Theatre for direction Europaeus.

The Universe will be played in Finnish.

Script and Direction: Juha Hurme
Music: Arto Piispanen
Scenographic design: Markku Mäkiranta
Costume design: Henna Mustamo

On stage: Antti Laukkarinen, Tanjalotta Räikkä, Kaisa Sarkkinen and Piia Soikkeli

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