Petroskoi (EN)

Photos: Kai G. Baer

Life is Petroskoi!

Petroskoi is an ode for minor nationalities and for the strength of life that rise from small peoplePetroskoi is part of an international cooperation between three theatres, Theatre Telakka, Theatre Old Juko from Lahti and Rakvere Theatre from Estonia. The theatres will create and produce a thematic trilogy where the themes are border, borderline, living on the boundary and the relationship between people and environment.

Director and choreographer Ari Numminen and the team has approached the theme trying to find answers to questions like how can people survive between east and west, poverty and richness, old and modern. Petroskoi is a mosaic of rhythm, music and motion.

Duration 1h 25 minutes
Premiere 4th of september 2013
Performed in finnish, subtitles available in estonian